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ACIDBITE – Cinemarkers

Oh, the old days when crazy film editors tagged away on their editing copies to keep track of shots. That’s what you’ll get here. All those cig-burns, tags and scribbles scanned from real 35mm film.


  • 4K ProRes 444 Quicktime files + Alpha channel
  • High-Quality toolkit including 40+ Cinemarker Animations
  • Unique SFX for every marker and transition
  • Detailed tutorial and examples
  • No plugins required, works in Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, AE, DaVinci Resolve and more!

With this pack we give you a huge toolbox of markers, scribbles, film holes and analog textures. If you want that, you can make your video look like an old and run-down screening copy of Star Wars.


We scanned these textures from real 35mm film in 4K resolution. You can see the little blisters of marker ink and the ragged edges of the perforations. It’s all there, in crisp, never-before-seen detail.


This package contains more than 40 animation files + SFX to play around. The drag and drop files are either pre-keyed or based on simple blend modes. You can combine them in various ways to create new looks, use them to hide parts of your footage, create your own transitions or simply add more texture to your project. We’ll show you how in our tutorial.


Of course, you are invited to play around with the Cinemarkers. You can scale and color them any way you like. Combine them to create new looks. Most importantly, use them with blend modes. We recommend ‘Difference’.


We think our transitions are pretty sick, but you also know us for our unique SFX that comes with every pack. That’s the case here as well. Crisp analog sounds for crisp analog textures are included.