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Bracken – Get Rekt

GetRekt requires the FREE software ‘Substance Player’ by Adobe to run

Get Rekt takes your input graphics and fires them out as hyper realistic destressed and grunged assets. Meet the only tool you’ll need to get infinite variations of delightfully grungy destressed effects on graphics and type.

Using mathematical noises and textures, Get Rekt allows for unseen levels of customisability with the effects it can create. Ranging from water drops on wet ink, to burnt out motorway signs, Get Rekt can create it all.

Simply drag and drop your graphic into Get Rekt and then start playing with the setting to see what chaos you can cause. Start with one of the 11 included presets, then move onto the Advanced mode and really start creating your own distressing patterns with unbelievable micro adjustments.

Creating realistic effects like these have never been easier and faster!

What’s included:

  • GetRekt.sbsar
  • GetRekt Instructions PDF
  • 5 BONUS Seamless background patterns