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Lens Distortions – SOUND DESIGN TRACKS

For years, Lens Distortions has been the definitive source of cinematic sound effects for modern creators. Our original SFX products provide world-class ingredients you can use to build powerful audio sequences in your films.

But as all filmmakers know, building impactful audio sequences from scratch is often tedious and you don’t always have the time to do it well.


Sound Design Tracks – cinematic sound effects, pre-arranged into powerful sequences, and then baked into a single audio file you can cut your footage to.

You can browse and preview each Sound Design Track right alongside our full song catalog at Whether you’re looking for sound effects driven sequences or melodic cinematic music, you can find it all in one place.

Note: Existing Members can instantly access all Sound Design Tracks from the Music Downloads page under My Account.


Speaking of music, if you know how to cut your visuals to music tracks, then you already know how to edit to Sound Design Tracks… it’s just as easy.

Simply browse our catalog, license the right track for your project, and drop it on your timeline as the starting point for your edit.


Each Sound Design Track comes as a ready-to-use Full Mix, plus a few optional sub-mixes. To use the sub-mixes, simply stack them vertically on your editing timeline and adjust, chop up, or layer as desired.

Sub-mixes vary from track to track, but all Sound Design Tracks have at least 3.