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Tropic Colour – Beauty Retouching

Today’s digital cinema cameras have ultra high resolution sensors… and more often than not, this results in your subject’s skin tones and blemishes feeling razor sharp! Now you can combat this with our Beauty Retouching Toolkit! This used to be something you’d have to spend $1000’s on and outsource to “Retouching” post houses or use expensive and clunky 3rd party plugins to do…but now you can have the ability to do it directly in your edit timeline. Best yet, this can be a service / upsell to all your clients now to make some extra $ on your edits and productions.

Product Details:

+ 5 Presets

+ Different Strengths (Simple / Selective / Heavy)

+ Built to work in Adobe Premiere & Davinci Resolve

+ (.prfset & .drx) file formats

+ Includes 2 Tutorials

+ Examples included with each preset

Requires Latest Version of Adobe Premiere or Davinci Resolve

See Beauty Retouching In Use